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Rarely does a tourist destination offer everything that travelers look for rich wildlife, idyllic beaches, cozy hill resorts, history and architecture, fairs and festivals, cuisines and costumes, handlooms and handicrafts, religions and temples, water parks and science cities and of course loads of shopping in the bargain! Come to Gujarat a state that has long been synonymous with the mosaic that is India; blending a rich and diverse heritage down the ages, till eventually, it possessed a throbbing vibrant culture, pulsating with the mélange of a thousand influences.

Gujarat is a society that has symbolized Mahatma Gandhi’s peace-loving ethos and a spirit of enterprise that has shed its light on distant shores. The state is more economical for travel, offering cheaper hotels and transportation, besides the best roads in the country and an excellent communication network. Add to this, the traditional Gujarati hospitality, the warmth of the people, safety and security and you have a veritable traveler’s paradise.

Places to visit:

Ahmedabad Gir National Park


Ahmedabad : Bavla > Limbdi > Amreli > Chalada >Gir National Park

Distance: About 320 Kms one side

Type of destination: weekend getaway

Description: This is the only place in India where you can find Asiatic Lions. These are one of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. This sanctuary is popular world over and hence it is advisable to have an advance booking for hotel.

Ahmedabad Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary


Ahmedabad : Bavla > Right Turn towards Nal Sarovar

Ahmedabad : Sanand > Left Turn towards Nal Sarovar

Distance: Roughly 90 kms one way, on both routes... Roads are good on both sides but my choice is route no. 2 as it passes through some beautiful villages.

Type of destination: Single day

Description: Loads of birds are found here. Ideal destination for bird watching.

Ahmedabad Dwarka


Ahmedabad : Bavla > Limbdi > Rajkot > Kalavad > Dwarka

Distance: 425 kms one way.

Type of destination: Weekend gateway, Beach.

Description: Famous temple of Dwarkadhish is located here. This temple is located right on the beach and on full moon days people are vacated from the temple in the early evening hours and at times water enter temple premises too. Few other temples are also located in the nearby area.

Ahmedabad Ambaji / Mt. Abu

Route :

Ahmedabad : Ahmedabad > Prantij > Himmatnagar > Idar > Khedbrahma > Ambaji > Abu Road > Mt. Abu

Distance : Ambaji - 200 kms, Ahmedabad - Mt. Abu - 235 kms.

Type of destination : Weekend Gateway, Hill.

Description : There is a very famous temple of Amba Ma in Ambaji and believe me half of the main market consists of shops that sells stuff that is used for puja at the temple. There is very old (800 years) jain temple named kumbhariaji near ambaji.
Mt. Abu is a good hill station. Like all the hill station it also has a lake, a sunset point, a small bazaar and loads of restaurants. In nearby forests people have reported to have seen leopards and tigers from time to time.

Ahmedabad Udaipur / Jaipur

Route :

Ahmedabad : Himmatnagar > Udaipur > Nathdwara > Beawar > Ajmer > Bagru > Jaipur

Distance : Ahmedabad - Udaipur - 260 kms,Ahmedabad - Jaipur - 650 kms.

Type of destination : Weekend gateway (actually many more days can be spent enjoying beauty of these two cities)

Description : Do I really describe these destinations ??? These cities are proof the heritage of brave rajput clans. Innumerable palaces and forts are the major attractions here. Hotels suiting all types of budget can be found in these cities.

Ahmedabad Jaisalmer

Route :

Ahmedabad : Kalol > Mehsana > Sidhpur > Palanpur > Deesa > Dhanera > Sanchore > Barmer > Jaisalmer

Distance : 540 Kms one way.

Type of destination : Wgateway and if you want couple of days more.

Description : : Original Rajasthan can be seen here. Rajasthan is famous for its Rajputs and Sand dunes. Both can be found here. Sand Dunes of Sam and Khuri are amazing.

Ahmedabad Jodhpur / Bikaner

Route :

Ahmedabad : Prantij > Himmatnagar > Idar > Khedbrahma > Ambaji > Abu Road > Pindwar > Sirohi > Sumerpur > Pali > Jodhpur > Nagore > Nokha > Desnokha > Bikaner

Distance : Ahmedabad - Jodhpur - 450 Kms, Ahmedabad - Bikaner - 700 kms one way.

Type of destination : 3-5 Days.

Description : Jodhpur is well known for its forts and other heritage monuments. Bikaner too has many heritage monuments like forts and palaces but as an added attraction is very nearby to sand dunes too. Hotels to suit every budget can be found in both the cities.

Ahmedabad Pavagadh

Route :

Ahmedabad : Nadiad > Jawaharnagar > Halol > Pavagarh

Distance : 145 kms one way.

Type of destination : one day.

Description : Very famous temple of Mahakali Mataji is located atop pavagarh hill. A ropeway is built to reach the top of the hill. Climbing it by stairs is also exciting adventure. Also there is a fort, Jama Masjid and a jain temple as added attractions.

Ahmedabad Bhuj (Base for GRK)

Route :

Ahmedabad : Sarkhej > Sanand > Viramgam > Dhangadhra > Halvad > Bhachhau > Bhuj

Distance : 360 kms one way.

Type of destination : weekend gateway. For exploring deeper parts of GRK (Greater Rann of Kutch) you shall need couple of extra days.

Description : Bhuj can be considered to be gateway of GRK. Based from here day trips can be arranged for interior parts of GRK. Moreover for few areas of GRK permission from BSF is required which can be obtained from its Bhuj office. Most part of this desert is saline plane, only few areas have sand dunes.

Ahmedabad Dasada (Little Rann of Kutch)

Route :

Ahmedabad : Sarkhej > Sanand > Viramgam > Right turn for Bajana > Patdi > Zainabad > Dasada

Distance : About 100 kms one way.

Type of destination : One day as well as week end gateway.

Description : Dasada can be considered to be the gateway to Little Rann of Kutch. Few resorts in the area would convert your one day visit to a week end trip. Lots of birds can be found in LRK and various animals including wild ass, desert fox can be spotted here. In LRK there are no sand dunes only dry saline plains.

Ahmedabad Palitana

Route :

Ahmedabad : Sarkhej > Bavla > Dhandhuka > Vallabhipur > Palitana

Distance : : 225 kms one way.

Type of destination : Weekend gateway.

Description : This is the most sacred pilgrimage destination of Jains. Atop the "Shetrunjay" hill beautiful jain temples are located. One more temple is located near a dam built on "Shetrunjay" River. This town has innumerable "Dharmashalas" that offer boarding and lodging for the pilgrims. If I am not wrong this is the only place in India where State Government has banned consumption of Non-Vegetarian Items.

Ahmedabad Saputara

Route :

Ahmedabad : Nadiad > Jawaharnagar > Karjan > Palej > Bharuch > Ankleshwar > Kosamba > Bardoli > Saputara (The area between Bardoli and Saputara is like dense forest and last 30 kms are hill area, riding/driving during night hours isn't recommended)

Distance : 380 kms one way.

Type of destination : 2N/3D type.

Description : This is a good hill station in Gujarat (actually the only one). As in all the hill stations there is a lake, sunset point, small market. Hotels to suit all types of budget and cuisine found here can be termed as okay to worse. So carry your wafers and chocolates. The climb to hill is adventurous.

Ahmedabad Diu

Route :

Ahmedabad : Bavla > Left turn towards Bhavnagar > Talaja > Mahuva > Una > Diu.

Distance : 375 kms one way.

Type of destination : weekend gateway, beach.

Description : Diu is highly popular due to few pristine beaches and availability of alcohol (Diu is UT and hence no ban here). Place is worth a visit and one can find hotels to suit all budgets.

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